Investment Policy Certification Program

Consider elevating your agency's Investment Policy by utilizing our Sample Investment Policy and our Guidelines for Development and Criteria Location Guide (below) to update yours today.

Founded in 1983, the Washington Public Treasurers Association (WPTA) has provided the local governments of Washington with opportunities for education, networking, and working to improve and promote the treasury management profession.

One tremendous benefit of WPTA is the Investment Policy Certification Program, which has been assisting local governments with their investment policies since 1988. The importance of this program begins with realizing that an investment policy protects your investment officers and entity, and gives the broker/dealers who cover you clear direction of your investment goals. You will receive the expertise of WPTA's policy review committee and will know that your policy includes the vital elements that should be addressed in a good and thorough policy. In addition, your governing board and the public will view this WPTA certification as your commitment to a quality investment program and ultimately, the safety of your entity's funds. We want to help you succeed; the committee strongly recommends that the policy be certified prior to submitting to your governing board for approval.

Once your policy is certified, you will be recognized at WPTA's annual conference in Chelan and presented with the certification.

I look forward to working with you on creating, improving, and certifying your investment policy! Please call me at (253) 835-2520, or e-mail me at, with any questions or to request an information packet.

Investment Policy Certification Chair
Steve Groom
Finance Director
City of Federal Way

WPTA Investment Policy Checklist and Review Guide

WPTA Sample Investment Policy Currently under review to update - please contact us if you're actively revising yours

WPTA Application for Investment Policy Certification

WA SIB Commercial Paper and Corporate Note Investment Policy